Wild Sister is a lifestyle + inspiration e-magazine for women who crave empowerment, sisterhood + freedom to be themselves.

Each edition, you’ll meet inspiring women + read their stories, receive expert advice for living a more positive life, as well as learn yoga + discover healthy living tips.

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As an e-magazine and publishing house:

The core of our message is summed up perfectly in this quote:


Each edition is written by women, for women, here to remind you of your beauty, strength and power to create lasting change.

As a worldwide community:

As a global sisterhood of women who are committed to loving themselves, we then extend that love outward, creating a ripple effect of kindness, compassion, equality and empowerment that creates lasting change.

As a company:

Wild Sister is fiercely committed to changing the world in three ways:

1. Changing the way women think about themselves and their power to create change.

2. Transforming the way mainstream media portrays and treats women.

3. Supporting causes that empower women and girls all over the world – through education, entrepreneurship and universal sisterhood.




Every time you read a new issue of Wild Sister Magazine, visit the Wild Sister blog, or hop into to the Wild Sisterhood, we want to make sure you leave feeling brighter and better than when you came.

Wild Sister is here to prove that media can be positive, uplifting, empowering and successful.

We’re here to replace fad diets and gossip with self-love and sisterhood.


It’s time to say goodbye to drowning yourself in media that bombards you with photo-shopped ideas of perfection, superficial celebrity gossip and expensive beauty products.

Media that leaves you feeling inferior, anxious, self-conscious, powerless and less-than.

Media that teaches your daughter how to shake her ass, compete with other women, and make her believe she is not enough.

Forget the stereotypes, the Hollywood headlines and the cat fights. It poisons your spirit.





An era of wildness, authenticity and sisterhood.

It’s time to align yourself with media that inspires you with stories of sisterhood, self-love, strength and empowerment.

Stories that soothe your soul with wise woman wisdom, ignite your creativity and give you everything you need to live a truly enriched life.

Articles and community that teach your daughter that her voice is not only important, but vital – that she has the power to do and be anything she wants, and has an entire sisterhood of strong women behind her.

A place  that makes you feel good.

Because when we feel good, when we can see the divinity within us and others, we align ourselves with positivity and love and abundance, and we create a better world.



With over 55K copies sold and Wild Sisters all over the world – in places like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, India, Phillipines, South Africa and many more – our tribe is growing and our positive message is spreading every day.






ShaiAboutPageWelcome, wild one!

Make yourself home here.

I hold this space because I’ve seen too many amazing women frown at themselves in the mirror, starve themselves to fit a dress or society’s expectations, dim their light, and put themselves and each other down. As a matter of fact, I used to be one of them. 

Forget that.

All women deserve to love themselves, to feel proud of who they are, and to live the lives they desire. No exceptions.

It’s our time to shine.


See y’all in the Wild, sisters!!,



                                                                                P.S. Want to know the full story of how Wild Sister was born? Click here!


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