Part hippie, part geek, part rocker chick, I blend self-love + spiritual musings with kickass empowerment + a hell-yeah attitude.

My name is Shai B., and I'm the spunky and spirited Wild Sister CEO, who has a fierce passion for helping women discover their unique beauty + strength + truth.

I help beautiful souls like yours bring more radical self-love, vulnerability, strength, and support into their lives.

I know without a doubt that the
moment we realize that
happiness is a choice
+ self-love is essential

we invoke an inner
+ outer transformation
+ finally begin to become
our own heroes.

How do I know that?

Because it was that exact realization which that sparked my own transformation - a personal revolution that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

In months I went from playing the victim to being my own superhero, + I'm on a mission to inspire other women to do the same.

I've got a decade of online business experience, 5+ years of social media marketing experience in the peace leadership and activist world, a random but beloved degree in Social + Political Philosophy, and a metric f*ck ton of experience in healing, self-love, screwing up, forgiving (mostly myself), and practicing raw + radical self love.

And when I'm not writing, editing, or enabling life-changing bliss in the Wild Sisterhood, I can be found cuddled up reading with my favorite firefighter, chasing my preschooler, chatting with my preteen, or traveling to meet my soul sisters in real life.

A few fun facts...

  • 1

    I'm Autistic.

    I’m an Aspergirl, which means I have Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism. I was diagnosed in Fall of 2015, and immediately understood myself in ways I never thought I would. My diagnosis was unbelievably freeing.

  • 2

    Wild Sister was started in 2011

    At the time of writing this, we’ve released 52 issues + Wild Sister has grown into a global tribe of 800+ women called the Wild Sisterhood. To help other women create their own dreams-come-true, the Create Your eMag in 4 Weeks launched in 2013 and the Rock Your Shop Etsy eCourse in 2015.

  • 3

    I struggle with PMDD - a form of depression - and am a suicide awareness activist.

    I am on a life-long mission to remove the stigma from talking about depression and suicide. Mental illness, depression, and hormonal/chemical imbalances are real, human experiences that should be talked about with love + compassion + understanding.








In 2013, I hopped a plane to California for a week of peace leadership training. While it was far from my first 'trip', it was the first time I'd been anywhere alone. I immediately became addicted and, since,  have hopped planes to meet soul sisters and Wild Sisters from all over!

  • 5

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    I was diagnosed the summer of 2014, after years of unexplained pain that continued to worsen. While it's not the greatest diagnosis, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. RA gave me the permission I don't think I would have taken to truly love myself and put myself first.

  • 6

    I’m an artist.

    I draw + paint watercolor, mostly portraits, landscapes, and flowers. I also have Monet's House of Parliament tattooed to my arm. I *love* art, of all kinds.

  • 7

    I have lots of tattoos.

    I actually don't know how many I have - I'm working on full sleeves. My current favorites are my origami peace crane tribute to the victims of Hiroshima, and the chakra symbols going down my arm.

  • 8

    While I come from a deeply Pagan background, I'm actually Christian

    You won't hear be beating my Bible, though! I'm just here to love everyone. As a former Pagan, I find mystical and nature studies fascinating and support them throughout the sisterhood because I know so many of my Sisters have Pagan roots. I have a great love for the history of religion as well as the different religions themselves.

The story so far...

My story isn’t some epic tale of luck, heroism or glamour. But I did face fears, learn from my mistakes and work hard to change my life.

To put it simply:

My life fell to pieces around me.
So I rebuilt it into something I loved.

It all began in my kitchen floor, as I lay cheek-to-wet-linoleum, sobbing myself into the cold, hard floor. I had found refuge there, night after night, for weeks and it wasn't getting any better.

Allow me to explain:

What feels like a million years ago, I was mourning the failure of (yet another) marriage. All of the red flags I pretended not to see had suddenly turned into a raging inferno as I suddenly went from married to filed-for-divorce in a matter of three days. One day I was happy, the next I realized I was married to a likely sociopath and the several previous years of my life were mostly a glorious, well-played act. I was devastated. Defeated. I didn't know where to begin to find footing again.

My entire life had crumbled all around me, + all I did was blame the world for my problems, and block the rest of the world out as I always did. I reminded myself that I had no emotional support system, and right there in that floor was where I belonged.

One night, it hit me:

“What if I make the choice to get up, by myself? And what if I can build my own support system? Who says sisterhood and family have to be actual sisters and family?" 

And in that moment, I realized I could either spend the rest of my life playing the victim, or I could choose to be my own hero.

I had been choosing sadness, self-pity + fear instead of choosing happiness, self-care + love.

I’ve been choosing happiness ever since.

Since that moment, my life has completely transformed.

Wild Sister has been honored to be featured on popular positivity blogs like Tiny Buddha, Leonie Dawson, Kind Over Matter, Roots of She,  In Spaces Between, Positively Present + many more. The Wild Sister story was also included in the bestselling Tiny Buddha book.

Since 2011, we have been featured in countless blogs and magazines and have reached tens of thousands of women.

I’ve released lanterns under the light of the full moon, healed childhood wounds that have rooted themselves within me for decades, watched sunsets and sunrises on a multitude beaches from opposing sides of the country, cleansed myself in rushing waterfalls, cried at the sounds of prayer in Hindu temples,  met incredible Wild Sisters from countries across the world, danced among falling snowflakes, celebrated the publishing of books  + stood hand-in-hand in the most emotionally beautiful Native circle I could have witnessed.

And from life/biz coaching to blogging to creating Wild Sister, helping women love themselves + choose happiness has always been my work.

Now, I do what I love every day: craft articles, create new editions, and design ebooks + ecourses to inspire soulful self love, blissful happiness + powerful change.

I’ve got nothin’ but love for women who own their power, smile at themselves + believe that happiness is a choice – so if that's you, gimme a wave at any of my online homes so we can connect!

Are you a Wild Sister?

Wild Sister is for women who want to love themselves, follow their bliss + change the world.

It’s for women who want to kick self-doubt + negativity to the curb + start being their own heroes.

But mostly, it’s for women who simply want an extra dose of sweet self-love, electric inspiration + soulful sisterhood in their daily lives.

Are you diggin’ this? You know the truth by how it feels.

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