A Guide to Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss + Changing the World.

With musings on self-love, happiness, health, making dreams come true and much more, WILD AND PRECIOUS is a guide to living your wildest life.

Carefully selected from the first 40 issues of Wild Sister Magazine, this collection of 100+ articles, stories, how-to’s and recipes will spark inspiration and bring forth new perspectives on life, love, success and relationships.

Filled with expert advice, inspiring stories and empowering nuggets of wisdom, this book is divided into eight simple sections so you can easily find the guidance you’re looking for:

Health and Wellness

This long-awaited book features beautifully written articles from bestselling authors, spiritual mentors, entrepreneurs, artists, holistic health coaches, world travellers, inspirational speakers, non-profit founders, yoginis and many more.

Gathered from past monthly topics like Be Your Own Hero, Love Thyself, Happiness, Body Love, Law Of Attraction, Miracles, Forgiveness, Spirit, Cleansing, Follow Your Bliss, Mindfulness and many more, Wild Sister Magazine provides all the guidance you need in one beautiful book.

For long-time Wild Sister readers, consider this a refresher course in all that you’ve learned over the last three years of issues.

For new readers, welcome to a wild world of powerful inspiration, soulful stories and transformational wisdom that can be referred to time and time again, when you need it most.

Contributors include: Hannah Brencher, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Tara Bliss, Belinda Davidson, Dani DiPirro, Brenda Rodriguez, Cinda Stevens Lonsway and many more.

About Wild Sister

Wild Sister is an award-winning lifestyle and positivity blog, community and e-magazine for women who crave inspiration, sisterhood and freedom to be themselves.

Each issue, you’ll meet inspiring women, read their stories and receive expert advice for living a more positive, soulful life.

Every time you read a new issue of Wild Sister Magazine, visit the Wild Sister blog, or log-in to the Wild Sisterhood membership area, we want to make sure you leave feeling brighter and better than when you came.

Hailed as “a pioneer in the magazine industry,” Wild Sister endeavors to change the way women think about themselves and help them realise their power to create change.

About The Editor

Jen Saunders is the CEO, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine and Her work has been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life Magazine, DOLLY, Tiny Buddha, Positively Present, The Wellness Warrior, In Spaces Between and many more.

She’s a multi-passionate writer, artist and solopreneur with a fierce passion for helping women choose happiness and turn self-love into a spiritual practice. Since launching Wild Sister Magazine in 2011, Jen has created three online courses (21 Days of Abundance, Create Your eMag in 4 Weeks, and Devotion to Self) and opened the Wild Sisterhood online community.

Her mission is to guide women to reconnect with their Divinity and shift their perceptions of themselves.