Submissions are open for 2017!




Everything you need to know about how to contribute to Wild Sister Magazine – from what contributors receive to word counts – can be found in the below PDF download:

Wild Sister Submission Agreement

If you’d like to contribute an article to Wild Sister, please send an email to our submissions editor, Lily, at Please also specify which edition you’re interested in submitting for, and if you’ve read and agree to our guidelines.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I’m not sure but there is the possibility that I signed up through the RSS feed 3 or more times. It doesn’t appear to switch from telling you to sign-up after click on it. Just an FYI. Congrats on your new venture!! It looks like it will be amazing!

    • Hi Jeannette,
      I know on my website page, payment options are open if you don’t have paypal. You can also purchase it from Amazon. The only thing with Amazon is that I can’t sign it for you.
      Thank you so much for wanting to purchase a copy! If you have any more issues please let me know!


    • Hi Jeanette,

      Do you mean purchase the magazines? Sorry I’m a bit confused by the comment below…

      If you do mean the magazines, there are options to pay via credit card. You need to first click the ‘Buy Now’ button, then click ‘Check out with PayPal’, then on the next page, there is an option at the bottom that says ‘Don’t have paypal?’ Click that, and it will give you more ways to pay.

      Thanks for being a part of our Wild Sisterhood!

      Have a magical day!


  2. Here’s a sister quote for you;
    A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves—
    a special kind of double.
    -Toni Morrison

  3. Hi there! I was reading this and does this mean to ONLY send things in on the 14th or can I go ahead and email you now? Thank you for your time! 🙂 xx

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