Do you know you want to start being kinder to yourself, but have no idea where to start?

Maybe you just want to relax with a women's magazine that actually makes you feel good about yourself, instead of bombarding you with photo-shopped images of "perfection" + telling you you're not good enough.

Or maybe you'd really love to be surrounded by women who cheer each other on rather than pull each other down?

Wish you had expert advice, tools + resources to help you fall in love with yourself, choose happiness + design your life?

You are in the right place. This community is for you.

The Wild Sisterhood is for wild women + world-changers to connect, find infinite inspiration + design their lives.

The Wild Sisterhood is a private online sanctuary for women who want to love themselves, follow their bliss + change the world.

I purposefully hold a safe + welcoming place where women can meet + support each other as they discover themselves + carve their own path in life.

Why? Because when I decided to choose happiness + start designing my life, I felt completely overwhelmed, alone + had no idea where to begin.

I wanted a place where I could go to explore this new side of myself, find resources to keep me inspired + motivated to go after my dreams, + connect with like-minded women. I needed sisters.

So I designed a sacred space where I could find all that + more, + give it to other women who craved it as much as I did.


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12 month subscription to Wild Sister Magazine.

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Each month, you'll receive expert articles, soulful inspiration + happiness boosts in a brand new edition of Wild Sister Magazine. Every 40-60 page edition is beautifully designed, features amazing contributors + delivered straight to your inbox. All you have to do is click a button + the new edition will be downloaded to your computer + ready to read instantly. Easy as pie, and just as sweet.

VIP Access to our library of 50+ past editions.

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That's hundreds of articles filled with expert advice, soulful stories + practical steps to add more joy, love + wildness to your daily life. These 50+ editions aren't available anywhere else!

Devotion to Self Online Course

{Worth $200}

Devotion to Self will give you soulful guidance and practical tools to awaken self love of the deepest, truest kind. When you connect with the part of you that always knows you are enough, that is full of infinite wisdom and truth, you never have to look outside of yourself for love, answers or validation again.

Create Your eMag in 4 Weeks eCourse.

{Worth $450}

Learn how to create your own eMagazine empire with this step-by-step program. In this new eCourse, you'll learn how to create, design and publish your very own eMagazine or eBook.

21 Days of Abundance eCourse.

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Start changing your life straight away with this popular members only 4 week program, designed to help you gain clarity on what you want + take action to make it a reality. This course is exclusive to Wild Sisterhood members!

Rock Your Shop Etsy Masterclass

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Are you a handmade artist or artisan? Join Shai Ford as she leads you through her 10-week masterclass on Etsy selling, covering everything from photography to SEO and marketing! Learn the tips and tricks you need to improve your shop, attract the right customers, and make the sales you need to rock your dream biz!

Wild + Precious eBook

{Worth $9.99}

With musings on self-love, happiness, health, making dreams come true and much more, Wild + Precious: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss + Changing the World, is a guide to living your wildest life. Carefully selected from the first 40 issues of Wild Sister Magazine, this collection of 100+ articles, stories, how-to’s and recipes will spark inspiration and bring forth new perspectives on life, love, success and relationships.

Rock Your Shop eBook

{Worth $19.99}

With nearly a decade of Etsy experience, Shai Ford outlines exactly how to build, brand, and rock your shop in over 100 pages of tips, tricks, and 'action breaks'. Covering everything from photography to listing descriptions, this eBook is a one-stop read for rocking your handmade biz.


  • Bonus eBooks

  • Our printable Self-Love Affirmation Coloring Book + Journal

  •  Monthly live chat sessions

  • Monthly guest experts

  • Lifetime access to our thriving, private Wild Sisterhood Facebook Group


  • Wild Manifesting course to be released in 2017

  • Followed by courses on sales pages, sales and e-mail funnels, social media, a Wild Biz Crash Course, and more!

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Peek inside a previous Wild Sister Magazine issue:

Some amazing women who have contributed to the mag...

Our contributors are bestselling authors, spiritual leaders, business mentors, yoga teachers, holistic health coaches, award-winning bloggers, inspirational speakers, non-profit founders, successful entrepreneurs, full-time artists, writers + many more.

Many have been featured on hugely popular positivity + lifestyle blogs like The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, Zen Habits + Mind Body Green.

Most write their own wildly successful blogs, others are Hay House authors, + some have been featured on Oprah.

Wild Sister is the antidote to mainstream media. We're a movement, changing the way women feel about themselves. We're here to help you feel good about who you are, inside + out.

We're a global tribe of soul sisters. Wild, strong, fierce, soulful + determined to make our dreams come true.

Dive into the latest inspiring issue of Wild Sister Mag. Explore the archives + re-read an old favourite. Soak up the sage wisdom, get involved in the empowering stories + recite the lovenotes + affirmations. Put what you learn from our diverse expert contributors into action + transform your life.

Jump on board one of our online courses + learn what you need to know to make lasting change + create the life you want to live. Use the 21 Days of Abundance course to revamp your inner + outer worlds. Use the Create Your eMag in 4 Weeks course to create an outlet for your creative passions + add a new passive stream of income to your life. Dive into sacred self love with the wildly popular Devotion to Self online course. Learn how to run a successful Etsy shop for your art or artisan wares with the Rock Your Shop course. Grow a thriving Instagram community and grow your biz with our Spark Your Instagram course, with 5 new biz courses in the works!

Connect with your kindred spirits in the private Facebook group. Introduce yourself, meet new friends, network + get to know your Wild Sisters.

Our 400+ members are women aged from late teens to late 50s, from all over the world.

We have members from Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, France, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, Poland, Greece, Philippines, Spain, Belgium, Mexico + more.

They are bloggers, artists, life coaches, yoginis, mamas, globe-trotters, change-makers, entrepreneurs, health coaches, spiritual mentors, fiction + non-fiction authors, yoga and meditation teachers + many more.

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Why women love Wild Sister...

Megan Hannan, Yoga Teacher and Doula at Rooted Breath

There are so many unique women on unique paths coming together to embrace each other.

Wild Sister is the one place I feel I can be 100% honest about the ups and downs of pursuing my biz. It's an online meeting place for beautiful women to come together and embrace all that makes them unique. When you need encouragement, or long for a place to share your triumphs, Wild Sisterhood is there.

Hannah Young, Owner of Little Moo Boutique

It felt like every day I was lifting a weight off my shoulders and finding who I was again.

The wild sisterhood is a beautiful community of women all from different backgrounds, lifestyles, beliefs, ages, ethnicities and yet all looking for the same thing, a supportive community where they feel like they belong. It's a place that is offers so much support that you find it becoming a place where all your best friends are. It's filled with gorgeous women offering answers to any issues, worries, problems you may be experiencing. Not once have I ever felt judged, never experienced negativity, it's only a place for positivity, love and sunshine.

I entered the Wild Sisterhood when I was in a place in my life that didn't quite feel complete. I felt like I'd lost myself a bit and didn't know who to turn to in my life. Once I joined the sisterhood I dove straight into the wonderful courses and read through the magazines and it felt like every day I was lifting a weight off my shoulders and finding who I was again. I still have days where I fall into these pits but now I feel like I have somewhere to go to talk to the gorgeous people in there. I feel like I've met some totally gorgeous people who I can trust with my deepest and darkest thoughts.

Sofia Barao Sofia Barao, Artist and Founder of

The Wild Sisterhood is so full of truthful energy and soulful inspiration.

I am writing you to simply say: thank you. I’m a member of the Wild Sisterhood community and I am so happy to have made this choice earlier this year.

I am also a member of other women communities but the Wild Sisterhood is so full of truthful energy and soulful inspiration.

Every month there is something new to dive in, the stories and the sharing of experiences in the forums and Facebook group are incredibly uplifting.

I can actually feel that all this labor of love is coming from true open hearts that are doing what they love because they love to do it! Like in a circle, a circle that has found its purpose!
The CYM4W is an e-course I was waiting for but it exceeded my expectations.

As I am growing my own community of creative and open-minded women from all over the world, I was looking for some insightful help from people who had done it (magazine, e-books, etc.), so all that I can say is thank you because this is already changing a lot of things for me.

Isis Arjeta Isis Arjeta, Healer and Badass Block Buster at

It's a way to find your Soul crew no matter where they live.

Wild Sister is an amazing community for women all over the world who crave sisterhood, support, and a place to finally feel FREE! Free to be their true selves, to express themselves uniquely, and to learn about spirituality, heart connection, self love and so so much more! It's a family of choice and heart.

I love how many women become real life friends through this community. It's a way to find your Soul crew no matter where they live.

I actually credit Wild Sister with a lot of my business momentum because of my friendship with badass CEO Shai. Also having supportive sisters who are rocking it in business and creative entrepreneurship is inspiring.

Autumne Capri Autumne Capri, Founder of In This Life Productions.

Wild Sister has become a family to me.

I love the exchange that happens and I love hearing about what everyone is doing, there is so much creativity going on, it’s incredible really.

There are so many commonalities among the Sisters, so it’s a great place to feel comfortable and be able to talk freely about whatever I need to talk about, but it’s also diverse so I learn new things every time I read Wild Sister, or I am on the Sisterhood, and I love that.

My life has changed because I have connected to so many beautiful women on a global level, I can’t imagine my life without you, I feel like the world is a smaller, more exquisite place. It’s been a very touching experience.

Tara Bliss Tara Bliss, Spiritual Mentor, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker and Founder of

A place for fierce, creative, spirit-centered women to unite and shine brightly.

The Wild Sisterhood is a place for fierce, creative, spirit-centered women to unite and shine brightly. The Attention to detail within the community is impeccable... a place for us to both express ourselves and grow – a truly killer combination.

Find your soul sisters and connect with your tribe within the sisterhood, and – as a bonus – lose yourself in each month's edition of Wild Sister Magazine.

A beautiful corner of the web that feels as though it's got its own heartbeat.

Katie Manning Katie Manning, Founder of Conquering Fear Spiritually.

I get so excited every time a new edition is released.

When I first cuddled up with Wild Sister Magazine on the sofa one night with a cup of dandelion chai tea, I knew I was in major trouble.

Jen's creation and the beams of light and inspiration which shine from every page are highly addictive and major game-changers.

Once you've read an edition of Wild Sister, there's no excuse not to step up, grab your bright, shiny future with both hands and run with it.

I get so excited every time a new edition is released, as I know it's the universe's way of keeping tabs on my vision and of making sure I'm overflowing with inspiration for the month ahead.”

Rach MacDonald Rach MacDonald, Life and Blog Coach, Founder of

Like a warm cup of tea for the soul.

I wanted to tell you that I came across Wild Sister about a year ago (perhaps?) and after buying one of your juicy mags and devouring it, I went back and bought them all! They are just incredible.

This is just a quick, well-overdue note to tell you that I adore what you're doing, that your work is like a warm cup of tea for the soul (whipped up with a delicious blend of Hell-year-hlet's-do-this! inspiration, of course) and that I can't wait to see where your journey takes you. I know it will be far... and wide. And every which way.

Tricia Huffman Tricia Huffman, Joyologist to Jason Mraz, Coach and Founder of Your Joyologist.

The design and beauty of it made me gasp opening my copy.

I am blown away with the beauty and inspiration of this e-magazine.

Not only does it have amazing articles, but the design and beauty of it made me gasp opening my copy.

Monique Coleman Monique Coleman, Hollywood Actress and Founder of Gimme Mo.

A pioneer in the magazine industry.

Wild Sister Magazine is a pioneer in the magazine industry, portraying the feelings of wildness and sisterhood while staying true to the idea of giving back and empowering women.

Elaine Carey Elaine Carey

I love it all and I think what you're doing is so awesome!

I've just joined up to the Wild Sisterhood, started checking out the magazine and did the 21 Days of Abundance eCourse. I love it all and I think what you're doing is so awesome!

The magazine is beautiful, I look forward to making my way through the back copies, and I loved the course too. More ecourses would be great!

But mostly I just want to say thank you and please keep up the good work!

Happiness and Wellbeing Mag Happiness and Wellbeing Mag

One of our fave happiness hot spots.

An online destination that is part inspirational sisterhood part blissful haven with a pinch of self-love and world-changing awesomeness thrown in for good measure, Wild Sister Magazine is one of our fave happiness hot spots.

It's a lifestyle and inspiration e-magazine for women who crave the freedom to be themselves while feeling empowered and following their bliss.

Jennifer Covington Jennifer Covington, Coach and Founder of Destiny Discoveries.

I just love it! 

I just had to stop by and say I AM LOVING Wild Sister Magazine. Imagine me reading my printed out copy as I roll to and fro in a rickety bus on the coasts of Ecuador and you have a snap shot of mornings.

I have to catch my breath from reading all the “woman power” filled pages. I just love it!

Jenn Gibson Jenn Gibson, Life Coach and Founder of Roots Of She.

So aligned with my heart and values.

This is a huge collaborative effort, a group of women coming together, telling their stories, forming one voice.

The concept and mission of (this) magazine is something that's so aligned with my heart and values. Badass!

Not only do you get original essays and poetry, you get love notes, inspirational quotes... and beautiful art.

Cinda Stevens Lonsway Cinda Stevens Lonsway, Writer and Founder of ROAR! With Cinda.

One of the most inspiring and empowering online communities I know of.

Being part of the Wild Sisterhood is one of the most inspiring and empowering online communities I know of.

There is nothing better than being around highly creative women, that are smart, sassy, funny, powerful, brave, and compassionate.

Thank you Wild Sister Magazine for the Wild Sisterhood!

Tess Marshall Tess Marshall, Author and Founder of The Bold Life.

If you've longed for a place to be supported and accepted “as you are” you have found your tribe!

The Wild Sisterhood is a reflection of women at their finest. We are not only Wild Sisters, we are some of the best and wisest female artists, authors, poets, bloggers, creators, kick-ass lovers and peacemakers online!

If you've longed for a place to be supported and accepted “as you are” you have found your tribe! I hope you can join us. We've been waiting for you!

Amanda Oaks Amanda Oaks, Poet, Founder of Kind Over Matter and Words Dance.

Full of light, love and passion!

It's GORGEOUS, both aesthetically and in subject matter – full of light, love and passion!

It just SIZZLES with incredible energy!

Lucy Pearce Lucy Pearce, Author, Artist and Founder of The Happy Womb.

Inspired, uplifting, soulful.

My pick of the web: Wild Sister is an online magazine which I know I will be submitting work to in the future.

Inspired, uplifting, soulful. This is the sort of magazine I WISH was filling the news stands – so much substance, soul and beauty.

Jess Morrow Jess Morrow, Poet, Song Writer and Founder of Invincible Summer.

An investment that has come to be worth every penny.

Mmmmm. Sisterhood.

There couldn't be a sweeter relationship between women.

The recognition of one's self in another, blood relative, or no.

A sister is a sister.

Recognition can come down without fame.

It can come quietly, deliciously, surprisingly.

This is what I love about the Wild Sisterhood.

The very first time I signed in, I saw that one of my best blogging friends was signed in at the same time.

Boom! Recognition! For her, for me.

And now, we are sisters.

In the Wild Sisterhood, we network with a most empowered mix of gentleness, compassion, humor and love.

Checking my (very own!) Wild Sisterhood page, my friends' pages, and my discussion at the Wild Sisterhood is a treat that I save for the end of the day, or a reward I offer myself for getting a particularly challenging task completed.

It's delicious; it's wild; it's juicy (not a word I use lightly).

I feel safe logging in to the Wild Sisterhood.

I have an issue with email and Facebook and even Twitter: they can cause me extreme anxiety.

But the Wild Sisterhood is such an inherently safe place – I breath a sigh of relief each time I log in.

I can't say enough about how like-changing it was for me to join the Wild Sisterhood.

It started with mustering the faith and courage to make an investment in myself – an investment that has come to be worth every penny.

The investment pays off in finding friends and connections; in meeting women from literally all over the world, women who share so many of my values.

Women who believe in their right to live empowered, positive lives, and women who are only learning to understand that empowerment and self-love are Universal human rights, not privileges.

Jia Ni Teo Jia Ni Teo, Business and Life Coach, Founder of

Sisterhood = strength, community, action, abundance.

The Wild Sisterhood is one of the most beautiful places to hang out!

The art is amazing is life changing, and the energy behind every article is so inspiring.

Every issue is themed too – so you don't have to waste time flicking through each one looking for something that helps you.

The power of sisterhood is SO profound, let me tell you.

Firstly, sisterhood = strength, community, action, abundance.

Sure, in a time like today – we're all expected to be independent, strong, brave.

But that doesn't equate to alone – it doesn't mean you have to do everything by yourself.

It's strength and bravery that moves you to step up, say YES, and commit to asking for help and support.

Secondly, a sisterhood who understands you is so important.

Need I say more? If you're like me, you have your own quirks, unique awesomeness, and unconventional way of life (haha)!

Which is why I love WILD Sisterhood.

YOU are loved for who you ARE.

In a nutshell, I've learnt this the long-winded way. But if I could time travel and talk to my old self – I'd tell her 'Hey, did you know how important it is to be part of something wonderful? Find your tribe, your sisterhood (pronto) lady!'

A community, a monthly magazine, exclusive past issues, mastermind groups, and e-Course(s) – not to mention more extra goodies and surprises?

I'm jumping on THAT train! I'd get in quick so that I can get high on green juice for the soul!!!

Come and say Hi to me at Wild Sisterhood too!

The Wild Sisterhood brings new ideas, soulful insights + sparks of positive energy right into the comfort of your own home.

A Reminder Of What You Receive:

  • 12 Month Subscription

    Infinite Inspiration

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    Brighten Your World Inside + Out

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  • Create Your eMag eCourse

    Create, Design + Publish Your eMag

    Worth $450

  • Devotion to Self Online Course

    Create A Sacred Self Love Practice

    Worth $200

  • Connect

    Connect with your Soul Sisters in the Private Facebook Group + in the Live Monthly Chats.

  • Rock Your Shop eCourse + eBook

    A 10-week course and 107 page guidebook for rocking Etsy!

  • Spark Your Instagram eCourse

    An in-depth course on sparking and growing your own Instagram community

  • Monthly Guest Experts

    Industry leaders, speakers, writers, and world-changers at your fingertips, ready to talk and teach


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    The Wild Sisterhood is a social network for women only. It is open to women of all ages from all over the world.

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    As much as you like, lovely! You can spend as much, or as little, time as you like in the Sisterhood. You can read every issue of Wild Sister Magazine and participate in the Facebook group regularly, or you can pick and choose the issues that call to you and never participate in the group (although I recommend connecting with other members, they’re awesome!). The beauty of digital products is that they can be downloaded and taken anywhere, so you can even read the magazine or join to group discussions while on the train to work or on holiday at the beach. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, wild one.

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