What If a Girl Calls You Dude? (6 Reasons and How to Answer)

One day you are sitting at home with your buddies watching TV when suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a call on your phone. You look at your screen and see that it’s a girl calling you! You answer the call, and she says, “Hi, dude…”

What now?!! What does it even mean?

What if a girl calls you dude?

When a girl calls you dude, it means that you’re probably in a friendzone, and she sees you only as a friend. But it could also just mean that she’s used to using “dude” and you still have a chance. Or at best, it means she’s hiding her feelings for you!

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What If a Girl Calls You Dude

What does dude mean?

Dude was originally a word used to describe a man with interest in dress and manner.

Over time it became a synonym for a man or a guy.

And in the end, it became a synonym for “friend”. Well, that’s also probably why it makes you nervous.

But don’t worry! Keep reading. We will explain all possible reasons and how to react.

What does it mean if a girl calls you dude?

1. You are in a friendzone

If she sees you as her friend, then it’s not so bad! It means that she is very comfortable around you, trusts you, and wants to keep you close.

Now you can just be friends with her and eventually become something more. Or you can also become friends with benefits, wink wink.

It’s definitely not a lost battle, so don’t worry.

2. It’s her habit to call people dude

She is probably not trying to signal something in particular. It’s just a habit to call people dude and it has no deep meaning. So sometimes the best thing to do is to not overthink it too much.

3. She is hiding her feelings for you

It’s very possible that this is the real reason why she called you dude.

She has feelings for you, but she is scared to lose your friendship and doesn’t want to ruin things, so she is hiding her feelings by using this term.

She does not feel comfortable talking about her feelings with you because she’s too nervous!

If you want to know for sure, just ask her how she feels.

4. She is very emotional

When something happens, it’s quite possible she just screamed: “dude, what the hell” or something along this line just to express her emotions. If this is the case, it didn’t have any deep meaning. She just wanted to express what was on her mind.

While it was quite an unexpected move, you can still try to keep the conversation going and see where it leads.

5. She wants to keep it casual

It’s quite possible that the girl likes you, but doesn’t want to take things to the next level. So she calls you dude, for now, to keep it casual.

She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship yet, so she’s trying to keep things as they are until you ask her out or show that you are interested in more.

So if you don’t want to lose your chance with her, then do something soon!

6. She is very shy

She might be just very shy to express her feeling for you openly. In that case, just give her time and don’t rush her. She will pull through eventually.

Even if she calls you dude it doesn’t mean that she does not like you! It just means that she is shy and needs some time to open up.

So try your best to be patient and let her come around at her own pace.

What to do when a girl calls you dude?

So, the girl you like called you dude. What’s the best way how to respond?

There are two main ways, and it depends on your personality and overall approach.

1. Bold, funny, and playful type

Reply to her, “Is that something you call all of your attractive guy friends?” or “Is that something you call all the attractive men you know?“.

Just say that and don’t add anything else.

You achieve two things by saying that:

  1. You’re implying that you’re attractive
  2. You call her out on what she said

Both things are very bold to say, and as we all know, women love bold men.

So by saying that, you basically switch the whole conversation to you being the one in charge.

Which is a good thing because it sets you apart from everyone else who gives some sort of classic, safe answer…

And it makes her more curious about you because you clearly see yourself as attractive and you’re bold and funny.

So, by doing this you achieve that she will probably think about you and eventually get some feelings for you.

2. Serious type

You can use this line:

Hey, I have a question. When you call me dude, what exactly do you mean by it?

Now, when she sees you as a friend, she will most likely reply “What, we’re just friends“. In that case, you’re in the friendzone.

But if she replies something like “Hey don’t take that personally, I just call guys dude sometimes“, you might go on and say to her:

I don’t think we’re just friends, what do you think?

And now there are two possible ways this conversation can go:

  1. She says something along the line that you’re just friends or starts going around in circles, not giving you a clear answer – In this case, you’re probably in a friendzone.
  2. She says something along the line that she apologizes and she didn’t mean it that way and later starts flirting with you – You’re good to go.

If it’s the second way, go ahead and express your feelings for her.

You’re perfect, beautiful, smart…“, whatever that is.

And then continue that if she doesn’t seem it the same way, it’s pointless to stay in touch any longer. And if she changes her opinion, she can reach out to you anytime.

Again, this will set you apart from the rest of the guys who have been in the friend zone for years.

So even though she might not have feelings for you, she’ll still respect you a lot more, and eventually, she might start to like you.

You don’t want to be that kind of guy who is in friendzone forever without making the move.

She may have feelings for you at first, but the longer you hesitate, the less chance you have.

But the most important tip:

Don’t overthink it

It can mean anything when a girl calls you dude. Don’t overthink it, overanalyze it or so. Just use one of the two lines I mentioned above.

She might have no feelings for you, but you will achieve nothing by not taking any action.

This way, she might actually start developing her feelings for you because you showed her that you’re bold and not like other men.

So you can either stay in the friendzone forever or eventually get the girl you want.

For me, it’s a very easy choice.

Here is also a great video explaining this concept:

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean when your crush calls you dude?

If your crush calls you a dude, you’re probably in the friendzone. But it could also be because she’s just used to using dude as a salutation. Either way, it’s good to confront her. That way, you can see where you really stand and if there are any feelings there.

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Does dude mean you are in friendzone?

When a girl calls you dude, it probably means you’re in the friendzone. But it could also mean she just likes to use the word dude, or maybe she’s in a lot of emotional tension. In either case, though, it’s best to ask her directly, as we advise in this article.

What does it mean when a girl calls you dude over text?

When a girl texts you that you’re a dude, it probably means you’re in the friendzone. Texts, in general, are more elaborate, so it’s probably not just some exaggeration. Anyway, there’s still a chance here, as we’ve shown in this article.

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When a grill calls you dude, it usually means one of the following things:

  1. You’re friendzoned
  2. She uses dude to call people
  3. She doesn’t want to express her feelings for you
  4. She’s in a big emotional tension
  5. She wants to keep your relationship casual
  6. She’s very shy

In any case, nothing is lost.

As we have shown, you can come out of this conversation a winner. And the girl’s gonna start thinking a lot better of you.

Maybe even get feelings for you (if she doesn’t already have them).

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